The only open source All Terrain robotic edge computing sensor platform.

Coming in Q2 2020

Powered by Nvidia Xavier

The Linux Foundation Predicts
"Edge Computing will overtake
cloud computing"
by 2025

About AstroRobotics

AstroRobotics is an Authorized GhostRobotics Solutions Provider.

AstroRobotics specializes in the deployment of fleets of legged robots that outperform wheeled-tracked robots on unstructured terrain, making them perfect for large scale surveillance, military applications, and enterprise markets. AstroRobotics will be launching in Q3 of 2020.

AstroRobotics Features

The potential application of the AstroRobotics line is vast to say the least. The maneuverability of autonomous unmanned ground robots leverages the ability to perform in virtually any environment. With the fleet management software giving the controller management from fleet to individual ground robots, you are in full command. 

Legged Robots

  • Outcompete Wheeled Robots
  • All-terrain Stability
  • Universal Environment Operations
  • Thermal Camera and Cloud Imaging Capabilities

Fleet Management

  • Access Real-Time "Dog's Eye View" of Individual Robots
  • Universal Command Control Panel
  • Collect and Analyze Data
  • Freedom to Choose Sensors, Radios, Size of Robot, and Imaging/Videography

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AstroRobotics is here to change the world with the integration of fleet managed, unmanned autonomous robots.

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